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Halo has juvenile cataracts, a condition that will get progressively worse until she eventually goes blind. An operation exists to remove the cataracts, but she needs your help to get this surgery. Will you help?

 Halo is an Arabian filly who came from a bad situation. She was one of a group of 15 horses that needed to be rescued, all of which are currently being re-homed. AJHR has given Halo a second chance, but we’ll need donations to help Halo reach her full potential. Any amount will help Halo- nothing is too small.

 If you want to help, you can do so by going to our website, www.ajhorserescue.org and using PayPal for a direct donation or you can mail a check to the address found at the top of this flyer.If you prefer, you can come see Halo at the rescue (please call first) and leave a donation in person.

 Thank you for your donation!



Breed - Unknown

Sex – Mare Age - 4  1/2 years

Hands – 15 Color - Blue Roan

Marking: None Hoofs - Barefoot

Weight - 1000 lbs.

 Ronnie is our baby at the rescue. When she came to us, she was very shy, we couldn’t get near her. After three weeks our other horses have taught her that people are a good thing. She has become very loving and very pretty. Ronnie has been started under saddle now that she is three and is now being ridden under saddle. She just like any four-year-old, full of wonder and is interested in playing. In February of 2014 She did the Lost Dutchman’s parade. As well as the Apache Junction Electric Light parade


James first horse Rusty is now retired as a long-term rescue horse. Rusty suffered a spinal vertebrae injury just under wear the saddle fits. he loved to go out on the trails for a full day. Anything less and it would upset him. He was extremely happy and satisfied after a 14-hour trail ride. he came home and was not even tired or sore. Rusty loved to run when ever given the chance. I would sit back in the saddle, and it felt like sitting in a smooth rocking chair. he is the only horse in our group that would start to walk down the road at our lunch break. When I would tell him Rusty come. He would turn and walk to me. he is my love. I love Rusty and Rusty loves me.

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