Apache Junction Horse Rescue

AJHR is looking better and getting more upgrades completed thanks to your donations. Even $20.00 helps, so never think it's too little. As the old saying goes! better to receive something than noting.

Updated information for this project. Dec 15, 2022.  Back filling is completed.  We hired a local backhoe operator to come out and repair the damaged area, then fill it in with 60 tons of dirt. it looks great.

The next step is to bring in another 120 tons.  Cost for this project is about one thousand dollars. Please help.

Great news the driveway is completed. Spread 75 tons of gravel. Now it's just a matter of time of driving over the gravel to compress it and lock it into place. Then will add another 60 tons of 3/8 minus grave to give it a good look and smooth surface to drive on. Now of the schedule for end of April 2022.

It took a few extra weeks. The 60 tons of gravel has been completed. Thanks to the volunteers that came out and helped.

Helping Hands Helping Horses.

 Thanks for all you can do.

Love from all the horses.


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