Apache Junction Horse Rescue

AJHR is looking better and getting more upgrades completed thanks to your donations. Even $20.00 helps, so never think its to little. As the old saying goes! better to receive something than noting.

The electrical has been up graded, New air conditioning system, and 75 percent of the painting is completed.

The next big upgrade is a new roof. AJHR has about 80 percent of the material just waiting to get started. At this stage we are expecting additional cost of

about $2,500.00. As some as you may already know my wife is fighting lung cancer. The roof may have to be done working around her treatments and how she feels from the chemo and radiation. Last night she was admitted to the hospital for low blood cell counts.

This morning she is in better shape.

Thanks for all your prayers.


Helping Hands Helping Horses.


Thanks for all you can do.

Love from all the horses.

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