Apache Junction Horse Rescue

AJHR is looking better and getting more upgrades completed thanks to your donations. Even $20.00 helps, so never think its to little. As the old saying goes! better to receive something than noting.

Onto other projects now that the electrical, Air Conditioning, painting, and the roof replacement are completed.

First project / Have a dental visit for all the horses and make sure the teeth are in good shape. If needed have the teeth floated. Est cost $500.00 to $1500.00 dollars

Second project ? Back fill arears that last year monsoons wiped out. Possible tractor rental, 3 to 6 truck loads of back fill. Est cost $1,000.00 dollars.

Replace 12 siding panels that have damage. Est cost $1,500.00.

Around horses it seams to never end with projects that need to be maintained or upgrades.

 Helping Hands Helping Horses.


Thanks for all you can do.

Love from all the horses.

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