Apache Junction Horse Rescue

I Will Draw Your Photo Fundraiser

G.Curran has come up with a way to share her talent and raise money for Apache Junction Horse Rescue.

People take good quality photos, in lieu of any personal payment, G. Curran requests they make a financial donation to Apache Junction Horse Rescue. 

This past year I have been drawing friend’s photos as gifts, I thought maybe I could raise some money for Apache Junction Horse Rescue by drawing photos for a donations. Thus, my ‘I Will Draw Your photo’ fundraiser was born.”


It works like this: 

Send G.Curran a GOOD photo (She'll keep the photo for advertising) at jim@ajhorserescue.org .G.Curran will draw a black & white, pencil drawing of your photo (you'll receive it in about 10 days).

It works on the honor system. There are no obligation to send a specific amount.

Upon photo approval G.Curran will send you the drawing for a financial donation.

Portfolio of some of G.Curran pencil drawing.



A great way to memorize in drawing of beloved pet picture.

If you would like a drawing (for a donation) of one of the rescue horses from Apache Junction Horse Rescue you may see the drawing in the Store.

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