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Apache Junction Horse Rescue is located in Apache Junction Arizona which is about 20 miles east of Phoenix. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization operating solely by the hard working hands of volunteers who are dedicated to the care of abused, unwanted  and neglected horses. AJHR was founded in 2006, we cares for horses who have been neglected or abused or for whom the owners are no longer able to care for them due to death or financial difficulties, are rescued and brought to us for care and rehabilitation. Being a non-profit, no kill, organization, these horses rely purely on the kindness and generosity of equine lovers through volunteering your time, donations, adoptions and fundraisers. We invite you to come and meet the horses of Apache Junction Horse Rescue.






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I Will Draw Your Photo Fundraiser

G.Curran has come up with a way to share her talent and raise money for Apache Junction Horse Rescue.

People take good quality photos, in lieu of any personal payment, G. Curran requests they make a financial donation to Apache Junction Horse Rescue. 

This past year I have been drawing friend’s photos as gifts, I thought maybe I could raise some money for Apache Junction Horse Rescue by drawing photos for a donations. Thus, my ‘I Will Draw Your photo’ fundraiser was born.”

It works like this: 

For a financial donation G.Curran will send you the Black & White pencil drawing

Send a GOOD photo (She'll keep the photo for advertising) at jim@ajhorserescue.org .

Upon photo approval G.Curran will draw a black & white, pencil drawing of your photo. (you'll receive it in about 2 weeks).

It works on the honor system. There are no obligation to send a specific amount.


 Note: A great way to memorize in drawing of beloved pet picture.

If you would like a drawing (for a donation) of one of the rescue horses from Apache Junction Horse Rescue you may see the drawing in the Store.

Some of G.Curran pencil drawing.

 12_Tom__Sherry.jpg   2_Jud__Bitsy.jpg  3_Lisa.jpg  5_Susie__Lucy.jpg  11_Riding_into_the_Sunset.jpg  

ChiChe.jpg  Madison_Smile.jpg  1_Chains2.jpg  15_Arena.jpg  Cool_Dude.jpg

August 30, 2014

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